My Diary

As well as translating my experiences through my work, if you’re a regular visitor to my site you will also know I like to record my thoughts – both professional and personal – in a regular diary. I hope you enjoy reading my updates as much as I enjoy writing them.

Artist Blog resurrected. For a long time I wanted to pick up the blogging again but it seemed to take up time which I didn't have! In 2014 I will
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The Magic Bird
There was no February blog I see! So many priorities competing for attention. To top it all I went through the life changing experience of acquiring a puppy! He is
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Spring Tide (includes mono-printing, machine stitching, collage)
“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand”. - Chinese proverb This is the time of year when I think about workshops, why
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Vasterbotten March 2011
It has been an eventful year on all accounts and there was rarely time or space to stop and reflect. There were new arrivals in the family; I experienced some
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Frozen Green House
Suddenly it is December, and where did this year go? As an artist I have had a very busy year, deadlines following each other like pearls on a string. This
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Arriving at Stromness
I am five weeks late with my artist diary; my aim roughly was to write every two weeks. Well there is a reason of course, hence the title of this
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Margaret’s Garden 2008
I surprise myself wanting to write about flowers! Maybe this is because I went to the Northumbrian National Park last week for a lovely break where I saw lots of exquisite
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I hope to blog every two weeks; it is nearly three weeks since my last entry due to a need to recuperate somewhat from an action packed July. I have
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I will post alerts on Facebook and Twitter to my web diary every time there is a new blog published, and here is a link to my Artist page on
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This is my first ever blog, which also salutes the new style web site hereby launched! I am excited to have a so called contents managed web site now, which
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