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I was at the Great Dome Art Fair with Peak District Artisans all last weekend and got involved in many different conversations about my work, such as how and why I do things. I also did a talk on Narrative Art as a part of the weekend. The whole experience reminded me of how much I have enjoyed doing the stitched work which keeps recurring in my studio output. For me the step from painting to stitching in mixed media is not that big; I work in a similar way in both genres.

Chrome Hill (2010)
Chrome Hill (2010)

However there are some important differences and I happily rediscover those every time I go back to the stitching medium. Touching fabrics, threads and buttons (or other found objects) is tactile and satisfying. Sitting quietly stitching bits down by hand requires patience and will not be rushed. I find old bits of recycled fabrics, frayed and interesting, and they already have their history, which becomes a part of the story I am trying to tell.

Here is one I thoroughly enjoyed creating:

Till the cows come home (2003)
Till the cows come home (2003)

It talks about my childhood growing up on a Northern Swedish dairy farm, where I knew each cow by first name and by personalities. We grew barley there, so I ‘borrowed’ lines from Sting’s beautiful ‘Fields of Gold’.

I will juxtapose that image with my most recent stitched work from June 2011; it brings it home to me that I need to continue stitching and follow that instinct whenever it calls next.

Viewpoint II: Blackbird (2011)

This weekend I will go and exhibit at Kedleston Hall Contemporary Craft, Sculpture and Art Fair link to living heritage event. I think I will bring some of my stitched work with me to compete with ancient tapestries inside the Hall! Thanks for listening.


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