Mixed Media

The gallery of mixed media originals presents new work ranging from poetic landscapes to landmarks, legends and lovingly remembered places. Favoured approaches include mono-printing in crystalline water colour, collage and stitching using recycled materials as well as print. Many places both in and outside of the Peak District have provided inspiration for the stories told here in visual form. All works share a common theme of texture, rich colours and narrative quality.


I am introducing a new category here, based on the area where I live, The High Peak, in Derbyshire. I first referred to this new range of work as my ‘lockdown’ series, but prefer not to use that term now, that we are adjusting to the reality of living with covid. In the first lockdown 2020 I walked a lot, from my door around my area, finding new undiscovered paths and loops. It was in many ways like discovering my own micro world with new eyes.

Please Note: Prints can be ordered from the originals shown here; just go over to the Print Gallery 

Becoming Real 

I spent twelve months working on this series which tells the story of my personal journey, like chapters in a book, although each piece is free standing in its own right. I set myself some framework guidelines as always, including trees in some kind of landscape (mostly based on a real one), and a bird which became symbolic in that it speaks for me. Words are chosen to accompany the visual narrative in each piece. A labour of love, albeit not always an easy one, it has been deeply satisfying to develop this series comprising twelve works.

Please note these original images are also available as framed prints, in A3 priced at £175. Contact me if interested.


Place Mapping

This is a series of mixed media narrative works on the theme of Place Mapping, documenting places found along the journey. The project comprised 25 works by the time it came to a natural conclusion. Original work range from small to medium, all set in box frames and unglazed. The series is also available in limited edition as framed or unframed prints. Visit Print Gallery here.



Moon Almanac

The Moon Almanac series began in the New Year of 2017 when BBC Countryfile came to visit me on the very day of the January full moon, Wolf Moon. Filming took place on location, Eccles Pike in winter shroud, a most magic day, followed by hands on work in the studio with Ellie Harrison and the team. The piece of work which developed inspired me to continue and create a Moon Almanac representing the full moon of each month of that year year. Each work contains a narrative with literary connections whilst drawing on events transpiring as life evolved month by month.


NB. all twelve images from Moon almanac are available as prints, mounted or framed; Please see print section or contact myself if you have a special order in mind.